The Most Influential Muslims in The World
6:35:00 PM | Author: Nik Muhammad Amin

I would never deny how influential the Chief Minister of my state, Dato' Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat. He is our idol, our leader, our saviour and the example of a great leader. He would never give up in his Jihad to rule out this country of Malaysia as a fully Islamic country based solely from Hadith and the Holy Quran.

Even some might say we are very fanatic with our leader, I would say it's nothing wrong with that. It's his path that we need to follow. The scholars are those people that we need to obey after The Almighty God and Rasulullah (pbuh).

Even they keep accusing him this and that, trying to push him away from his position, we always know that he never even tremble. As he always with the Almighty God. It's for the Lord, he's ruling and living.

I still remember when i and my friends go to his weekly religious speech every Friday. And it's still continue till now.( He still not stop giving this weekly speech about 19 years. Wonderful, isn't it?) It's the most holy day of the week, where we spend listening to his idea, reminders and suggestions which never go beyond the path of Rasulullah and the Holy Quran that bring us the unity as an Ummah.

As I saw him today in the top 50 list from the World's Most Influential Muslims in The World , I smiled. He is one of them... even better from some of them.. and I doubt that I would ever meet such a leader again in future. To Tok Guru, my congrats ! We're always behind you.

thanks to Baran ~
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